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Close your eyes and think of a brand that has a lasting impression in your memory. The colors, fonts, visuals, and maybe music immediately spring to mind and form the brand’s identity. It takes a split of a second to form an impression on a new brand that we are exposed to and a much longer time to change it. As such, have we thought long and hard about our visual story and how we would like our brand’s show and tell to be interpreted?

We have all dwelled on a text and given up on understanding it until we took a peak at “Fig. 1” shown below. The clarity and simplicity of the visual message render the once meaningless words into a simple concept. In order to effectively convey a message about our brand on our platforms, we must identify which part of the communication we would like portrayed visually in the form of a video, image, graph, illustration, or icon, and which part we would like explained through text. The key is to then find a harmonious way to design the content and create a striking impression to create engagement with the client.

Consistency and clarity in the visual design and message of a brand create credibility and professionalism. The diverse marketing channels as well as the components that make up the brand identity must be cohesive in order to communicate the brand’s unique story as these channels ultimately exist to contribute to achieving the company mission and goals.

Though the time, effort, and thought required to create a brand’s differentiated content may seem overwhelming, the identity it creates will mean the difference between success and mediocrity.

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