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Ad World October 2021

In our increasingly digitized and globalized world, we witness the birth of yet another brilliant global online event. Ad World is one of the largest online advertising and marketing conferences in the world for digital marketers. The Ad World 2021 conference will take place on 27-29 October and will unite over 70,000 of the world’s brightest minds in advertising across more than 160 countries. For three days, over 100 leaders in the industry will share their secrets, run exclusively detailed speeches and panels, and hold live Q&A sessions for further insight on taking your business to the next level.

Ad World speakers will focus on 10+ tracks spanning the industry’s biggest trends. Some topics include content creation with the focus on psychological triggers, performance analysis, and promotion strategies. Other topics include conversion optimization, lead generation, SEO, the future of advertising, performance design & creatives, social media marketing & influencers, e-commerce/DTC, email marketing & automation, media buying, and growth hacking.

In addition to the new niche networking feature that allows for problem solving and networking with like-minded people, Ad World’s Smart-Match Algorithm also allows for 1-on-1 networking with other attendees. Another feature is Ad World Booth which exposes your company to the top 1% of digital marketers and commerce brand owners.

At the end of the conference all Ad World attendees will receive an attendee badge and a digital certificate. The event is an Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) approved event. As such, attendees will have the opportunity to receive up to 24 credits towards their recertification as an IAB Certified Professional.

We are very excited to attend and learn about the developments, changes, and future trends in the advertising world. What about you? Will you be attending the world’s largest online advertising event?

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