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Metaverse Explained

When we first heard the word metaverse, we all looked at each other with confusion. Some of us did our research and understood the concept, the rest of us are walking around like we are well-versed in the subject while simultaneously avoiding it because it’s too late to ask and the inspiration to research it has passed.

So we’ve heard that “the metaverse is the future”, “the metaverse is humanity’s doom”, “it’s VR, AR, and Smart Glasses”, “it’s gaming with NFTs”… but what does that all mean?

While this is a very broad subject that has several layers, having an understanding of its fundamental purpose has proved to be quite necessary recently.

In a nutshell, metaverse will be the virtual world where people connect in 3D.

It will be the next step in the evolution of social connectivity. Individuals can interact in the shared virtual reality space, hang out, play games, attend events, buy goods and services, advertise, etc. using digital currency.

Now you may be asking yourself “isn’t that already what we do online?”.

The difference is that you will be using your gadgets (AR, VR, and Smart Glasses) to project the metaverse as a physical representation of the internet. You will no longer interact with the online world from behind your screen, because it will be all around you. You will be able to influence these digital assets using motion-tracking devices.

Thanks to augmented reality, user interactions will be multidimensional. Instead of only viewing digital content as we do now, we will be able to explore a space where the digital and physical world interact.

Contrary to what a lot of us believe to be true, the metaverse is not just one platform. Several companies are currently trying to build their in-house metaverse.

We still have a lot to learn and understand about the metaverse. It has introduced a new way of looking at reality, understanding art and business, thinking about education and real-estate, and perceiving life beyond just our physical and online world.

So if you are still trying to figure it out, don’t worry, Zuckerburg probably is too. Just like everything else, time will make everything clear.

What are your thoughts on this new layer of existence?

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