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We shape your BOLD ideas.

Does your business need an online face

Branding in simple terms is a way of giving your business an identity. The main goals of developing your business branding is to ensure that your business is identifiable with the market, that you hold a strong visual presence and most of all that your business is memorable in the minds of your market.

At Hold Media, we help you boldly create your brand’s narrative. We do not shy away from using colors, fonts, visuals, copywriting, and our soulful creativity to create your definitive brand image.  


We get to know your business and stakeholders inside out so we could deliver the unique brand experience that will contribute to your brand growth. 


We believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and in our case, key to creating synergy within your brand image and a lasting impression on your audience. 

Are you ready to be in everyone’s thoughts? 

Verbal identity.

What is your brands voice?

Long gone are the days when logo equated to branding; because the logo is only the cover, and what people fall in love with is the entire story the brand narrates. 


The verbal identity of a brand is a crucial piece of the full brand identity puzzle. Since visuals are not the only way we experience a brand, it is important to establish a tone and voice that will set you apart in the market and resonate with your clients. A brand’s content, chosen words, product/service names, and copywriting voice are as foundational as the visual identity crafted for a brand. 


When a brand’s visual and verbal identity are cleverly aligned, we create a memorable brand that people trust. 


It’s not just what you have to say – it’s how you say it. 

It’s not just what you do – it’s how you do it. 

Visual identity.

What does your business look like?

The visual image of a brand is part of the whole promise a business makes to its clients. It creates brand recognition and awareness and represents where a brand stands in the eyes of a consumer.  


Elements such as color palette, logo, font, typeface, design will set the tone of your business and create your client’s first and lasting impression. The way you visually design your brand will reflect your values, distinguish you from your competitors, and ultimately shape your customer experience.  


To become remarkable storytellers, we must remember the importance of visuals in entrancing the audience. 

What is your brands voice?


Consistency is key!

So, you’ve written your story, created an identity, set your tone, and identified your target market. What’s next? 


It is now time to apply all these elements across your social channels and marketing materials. The brand application process will include designing your social media channels, creating promotional content, and developing corporate materials such as business plans, headed documents, and business cards.  


With consistency and your identity in mind, we will help you bridge the gap between your business’s product/service and your clients. 

Web design.

What is your story?

An integral part of any brand expression is its website. It helps all the features of the brand’s identity come together in order to connect to the target audience.  


Whether you are looking to start a website from scratch or revamp your existing website, our team will support you in recreating your vision of a visually engaging, high-ranking and visible website. 

We strive on combining functionality with art.  


What we do to make great branding



We are all shaped by our different understanding of the world. We want an in-depth insight into your vision and mission in order to make it come to life. 



Creating the elements of design from the logo, font, color, to all the visuals. Excellence will be in every detail. 



Your origin story; be it a metaphor, a concept, or an image that reflects your brand. We are here to re-create it. 



Applying all elements of the branding across the chosen mediums; whether digital or print. 



We brainstorm together to choose a style and set the tone of your business. 




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